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So… ya it vibrates, but why?

That was the question I am sure you asked, and to be honest I asked it too! And that’s why when Vanity Planet offered to send me one to try, I jumped at the chance. As a hair stylist, after 17 years- it takes a lot to make me excited about a new hair tool. So you can imagine!

So here’s the buzz; (pun win!)

The Vibe is a 1.5” flat iron that vibrates upon closure. The vibration is designed to lessen the drag and friction on the hair and help the plates glide more easily. I was happy to see that the vibration only happens when the plates are touching and you don’t have to worry about it wiggling off your bathroom counter. I also like the size of the plates for my long hair, because it makes the whole process faster from start to finish.


So how is it different that other irons? I think the difference here is that the pressure on the hair is less, and therefore the hair strands aren’t compressed as flat. So you still get shiny smooth hair but you are left with some volume too. Personally I like that my hair isn’t flat-as-a-board when I use this iron, but if you’re looking for uber sleek strands this guy probably isn’t for you.

It heats to a non-adjustable temp of 400 degrees and uses Korean Tourmaline coated plates.

Overall I think the idea and execution are both awesome, and that the Vibe fills a need if you want smooth hair but don’t love flat hair. And I mean, who really wants FLAT hair anyway?

If you want to check out the Vibe for yourself you can buy one here and save some moolah with my code: BEAUTYSNOOPVIBE making it only $30!! So cool


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