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Yup, you read that right… shave your face!

I’ve actually mentioned these razors many times on this blog, but I get asked often about peach fuzz, so I wanted to do a follow up. I’m of the belief that peach fuzz is cute on babies, but not so cute on grown women. But almost all of us have it- it’s totally normal of course, it just doesn’t lend itself to good makeup application so that’s why it’s gotta go! Watch my shaving in action on my IG highlight called ‘Peach Fuzz’

I reccomend these disposable razors designed to be used 2-3 times before they are tossed. They quickly remove the blonde soft hairs found on your cheeks, jawline, neck and even hairline. Just be sure you avoid trying to remove dark or coarse hair with them, they will tug and pull on those and leave you with stubble.

Steps to use a facial razor to get rid of Peach Fuzz:

  1. Work with clean dry hair… right after a hot shower or bath is best because the hairs have been softened, and they will stand out from the skin most prior to moisturizing etc. so you’ll be able to see them easily.

  2. Shave in natural light in front of a window using a hand mirror- better light will make the whole process easier.

  3. Pull the skin taut with one hand, and shave in downward motions with the other… working WITH THE GRAIN of the hair growth. you can hear the razor cutting the hairs, once the sound stops you can move on to the next section.

  4. Shave everything 3-4 weeks as needed, and use a sharp razor for best results (2-3 uses max per razor), my favorites can be found at Sally’s or Amazon

Happy Shaving! xo

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